Special Shaped Bricks

Special shaped bricks are essential in construction and can add decorative touches. More importantly, they save time on site and ensure durability of design.Both our purpose made and cut & bond specials are available nationally via courier delivery. All specials manufactured to comply with BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and Environmental standard BS EN ISO 14001:2015.

Angle and Cant Bricks

These British Standards Bricks are designed to allow the designer to turn brick work through angles or chamfered designs both vertically and horizontally.

Bonding Bricks

The key element to making brickwork bond. Bonding bricks are often undervalued in design but when required they remove the need for difficult site cutting and provide a more durable and lasting design.

Bullnose Bricks

British Standard Bull Nose bricks offer a range similar to that of the British standard Cants, however replacing angles with a smooth radius. They can be used both to allow the designer to turn brick work through angles and to create decorative features.

Plinth Bricks

The British Standard Plinth bricks allow the designer to move the brick work forward and backwards whilst moving up the facade. Plinth bricks are often used to create simple feature steps in residential projects but can also be used to create more intricate details such and entrances and exits from recessed or protruding feature panels.

Shelf Angle Bricks

Brick shapes designed to disguise standard elements in brickwork construction.

Slip Bricks

Bricks slips can be manufactured or cut from pre manufactured bricks. Their popularity is growing with the use of lightweight off-site building elements and increased property refurbishment.

Soldier Bricks

Soldier bricks are designed to help maintain bond through changes of angle and pitch whilst using soldier bond.


Radials are usually always purpose made to match the required design radius. They can be manufactured in stretcher or header depending on the severity of the radius required. Use of radials should be identified prior to bricks selection, as it is not possible to manufacture them in 100% of brick finishes.

Special Shaped Bricks


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Whilst AAB's main focus is clay facing bricks, customer demand has lead us to supply complimentary materials such as Specials, Bricks Slips, Arches and Stone.

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