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Off-Site Construction

We supply a full range of specialist brick components enabling the completion of your off-site construction projects. With lots of options on colour, size and texture, you can successfully complete pre-construction ahead of transport to site.

Working with you across the build

Automated Schedule Updates

Stay in control of your schedule. Automatic updates keep you in the picture on the progress of delivery of your site schedule.

In house cutting

Save time and money on-site by getting our expert teams to cut your bricks and specials with skill and accuracy.

In House QA

Each stage of QA is completed by AAB, from brick manufacture through to cutting and finishing of special elements. All aspects such as wastage, cutting rates, accuracy and overall suitability of the finished element is AAB’s concern.

Bricks and cut elements supplied by the same company

Ensure quality and consistency across your entire order. No mis-understandings. No confusions. Just one source for all your bricks and specials.

One source of warranty

Enjoy complete peace of mind with one warranty protecting your entire AAB order. Simple, seamless, straightforward.

Over 25 years in the industry

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AAB's owner Rijswaard Baksteen has a rich heritage in the clay brick industry. Their product range and success has been based on their ethos: to innovate wherever possible, to achieve quality, to create efficiency and to build a totally customer-focused company.

This ethos has helped to create a successful business and a vast range of high-quality and durable products.

This ethos is applied to AAB and we believe the UK business successfully combines these values with our understanding of the UK market to offer our customers exceptional service.

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Behind our vast product range is a wealth of industry experience and expertise. It’s why we are able to offer expert design, specification and supply advice, including NBS and BIM models.