About Us

AAB are the UK arm of Dutch brick manufacturer Rijswaard Baksteen and are supply partners of  Egernsund Tegl and Celina Klinker. This allows AAB to offer designers and purchasers unique benefits when selecting bricks from our vast range.


Our Service

Our parent company, De Rijswaard Baksteen is an independent business with family values of service, quality and customer focus. All of our teams are dedicated to making their specific discipline meet our customers’ needs. This includes everyone from our Specification Managers and Area Sales Managers, through to our customer service team who process and meet our customers’ orders.

Our expertise

AAB have now been established in the UK for over 15 years. During that time, we have built up a considerable amount of knowledge and experience of the UK brick market. We pride ourselves on offering a truly professional service to all clients on every project, all the way from product advice and specification to a scheduled delivery programme to meet your needs.


We aim to understand your ideas and guide you with product recommendations


Our aim is to then help spec and select suitable brick, mortar, specials, slips & Arches for your project


Transparency is key. We will provide all the details you need for a smooth project


Our job isn’t finished. We ensure the schedules are stuck to, deliveries are met, and regular contact is maintained

Our Core Values

Customer Focus

Focussed on working with each member of a project from specifier to installer.

Quality & Service

Our teams each have specific objectives to ensure project run smoothly from specification to delivery.

Innovation & Efficiency

We have invested heavily both in equipment, and software to give customers real visibility of their project.

Service & Delivery

Our logistics team mange the import and onward delivery of all our materials 100% in house, allowing us to offer full control.



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Brick Selector

Our fully filterable brick selector will help your choose the perfect brick for your project. Try it out here, and make sure to view our full brick range

Our Specials

Whilst AAB's main focus is clay facing bricks, customer demand has lead us to supply complimentary materials such as Specials, Bricks Slips, Arches and Stone.


Special shapes and pieces are essential in construction and can add decorative touches. More importantly, they save time on site and ensure durability of design. Dependent on your brick selection AAB offer purpose made and cut & bond specials.


Brick slips can be manufactured or cut from pre manufactured bricks. Their popularity is growing with the use of lightweight off-site building elements and increased property refurbishment.


Our arches are pre fabricated non structural building elements. They are designed to increase site efficiency and remove the need for intricate and slow brick work on site. When used in conjunction with a load bear lintel to end result is a seamless brick arch.


Dry Cast stone manufactured in the UK. Our stone is available in 6 standard colours in addition to colour matching.

Our Partners

Since 1894, Egernsund Tegl has been manufacturing and selling bricks, roof tiles and other associated clay products from five brickyards spread throughout Denmark. Today, product development, quality, technical advice and a clear focus on customer service are the key areas for the business. Fundamentally however, the tile brick products still look the same, but with all the expected qualities associated with its aesthetics, technical and durability aspects.

The company and its factory Klinkerwerk Küsters were founded in 1905 by Matthias Küsters in the city of Kleve, formerly the Roman settlement of ‘Celina’, from which the modern company name derives. Now in the 21st century, the company are still on the same original factory site, with the same family-guided principles, but with an ever-expanding range of high quality fired clay products, ranging from traditional to modern architecturally popular colours, formats and surfaces.