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AAB offer an unrivalled range of bricks from red and buff stocks through to the latest in European designs from Holland, Denmark and Germany, all with complimentary specials. All of our bricks are available in a range of sizes, allowing varying visual design effects, and when combined with mortar colour and bond pattern options provides unlimited options.



Family House

Alternate Text 2782 Royal Grand


Owers House

Alternate Text Birchridge


Villa Octagon

Alternate Text 2210 Mengel Red


Canford Cliffs Road, Poole

Alternate Text Ebonywood

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Our fully filterable brick selector will help your choose the perfect brick for your project. Try it out here, and make sure to view our full brick range

Our Specials

Whilst AAB's main focus is clay facing bricks, customer demand has lead us to supply complimentary materials such as Specials, Bricks Slips, Arches and Stone.


Special shapes and pieces are essential in construction and can add decorative touches. More importantly, they save time on site and ensure durability of design. Dependent on your brick selection AAB offer purpose made and cut & bond specials.


Brick slips can be manufactured or cut from pre manufactured bricks. Their popularity is growing with the use of lightweight off-site building elements and increased property refurbishment.


Our arches are pre fabricated non structural building elements. They are designed to increase site efficiency and remove the need for intricate and slow brick work on site. When used in conjunction with a load bear lintel to end result is a seamless brick arch.


Dry Cast stone manufactured in the UK. Our stone is available in 6 standard colours in addition to colour matching.

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Our Sales Teams are structured to offer advice both in the selection, and specification phase of a project, as well as assisting with managing the projects in works, from schedules, specials and associated products.