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Garden Patio Remodel





New Build or Extension:

New Build





The Challenge

We were looking to separate the existing patio from the garden by building a wall in place of the existing curved, wrap-around steps.  Given the depth of the steps, and hence the final wall, we decided to incorporate seating to make a feature of the area. The intention was to follow the curved steps, utilising the original foundations but this proved overly difficult so the patio was squared up to ease with construction and the application of the glass.

The Solution

We wanted something bold that would stand out and catch the eye but also extend the colours from our kitchen to the outside area.  AAB provided a great range of products along with some excellent service which ensured we got what we were after.  We were originally torn between either the Blanco or the Eplia Blend before finally deciding to use a combination of them both.  The samples provided made this possible and gave us confidence that we’d get the look we were after.

The bricks used combined with the glass and stainless steel fixings have provided us with a beautiful space that has been excellently constructed by Ian.  Sitting on the patio when the sun shines makes my wife and I feel like we are on holiday. Perfect!



What started as a simple idea evolved into something quite spectacular.