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Hanover Square London



New Build or Extension:

New Build





The Challenge

The architect was looking to achieve a modern twist on the old black 3 storey Georgian town houses. Bricks back then were of varying sizes but tended to be smaller than the standard 65mm UK format. The site also had severe access issues as it was just off Oxford Street.




The Solution

We offered our range of black bricks from De Rijswaard factory in various sizes including the 50mm Anthracite Handmade which was eventually decided to be the perfect brick! The building was mostly made off site in large prefabricated units and some bricks were delivered to site in rigid vehicles due to the accessibility of the site. There were over 40,000 specials on this porject and most were made at the factory in our own moulds as we knew the lead time would be reasonable and we could tie manufacture of these in line with the Anthracite production run.