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Prince Court, Canning Town E16



New Build or Extension:

New Build





The Challenge

The architect wanted to use a white painted brick to create an urban look to this project, however planning would not allow this due to the fact paint would not last for any substantial period and the overall look would deteriorate over a short period of time. White bricks are notoriously difficult and expensive to make.


The Solution

After offering all the light coloured bricks from our range I consulted the factory to enquire if there was anything we could offer that was not of our standard range. The owner of the factory accompanied me to a meeting with the architect and offered to apply a more white engobe and at that time we also discovered they also wanted a smooth dark brick and a textured dark brick. One of the bricks in our range had two textures and along with the extra applied engobe solved the problem and the architect loved it. We were also able to spilt the three different types of brick into separate packs so they could be used on separate parts of the project.