Over 100 Years In Creating Bricks

Established in the UK for over 20 years, AAB are the wholly-owned UK subsidiary of the leading Dutch brick producer De Rijswaard Baksteen. We supply over 100 brick types from De Rijswaard and our manufacturing partners and top European producers, Egernsund Tegl and Celina Klinker. Working closely with our partners, we ensure that the right brick and mortar combination is specified and delivered exactly when and where it’s needed.


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Our Core Values

Customer Focus

Focussed on working with each member of a project from specifier to installer.

Quality & Service

Our teams each have specific objectives to ensure project run smoothly from specification to delivery.

Innovation & Efficiency

We have invested heavily both in equipment, and software to give customers real visibility of their project.

Service & Delivery

Our logistics team mange the import and onward delivery of all our materials 100% in house, allowing us to offer full control.

Brick Selector

Our fully filterable brick selector will help your choose the perfect brick for your project. Try it out here, and make sure to view our full brick range

Our Partners

Since 1894, Egernsund Tegl has been manufacturing and selling bricks, roof tiles and other associated clay products from five brickyards spread throughout Denmark. Today, product development, quality, technical advice and a clear focus on customer service are the key areas for the business. Fundamentally however, the tile brick products still look the same, but with all the expected qualities associated with its aesthetics, technical and durability aspects.

The company and its factory Klinkerwerk Küsters were founded in 1905 by Matthias Küsters in the city of Kleve, formerly the Roman settlement of ‘Celina’, from which the modern company name derives. Now in the 21st century, the company are still on the same original factory site, with the same family-guided principles, but with an ever-expanding range of high quality fired clay products, ranging from traditional to modern architecturally popular colours, formats and surfaces.