CPD Training

The world of brick specification stretches far beyond colour and texture. Our first CPD focuses on the often missed details of bricks specification, to help safeguard your designs and ensure a pain free build process

1. Standards
  • Introduction to the various standard governing bricks, including manufacturing, installation, site testing, overall fa├žade design and how these are designed to work together.
2. Quality Control
  • Focusses on the quality aspects of the above standards.
  • What characteristics manufacturers are expected.
  • How these characteristics are then tested on site by PAS 70.
  • What level of flexibility should the installer show to accommodate the above standards and what level or sample reference should you work to.
3. Tolerance & Measurement
  • A detailed explanation of the most common site complaint.
  • How to establish correct brick sizing via site testing
4. Severe exposure
  • Overview of the UK exposure table.
  • Summary of key design considerations.
  • Advice on jointing details. Mortar specification.
5. Movement
  • How does movement in clay products differ to other materials.
  • Maximum bay lengths for horizontal and vertical movement based on construction type.
  • Correct specification of jointing materials and bricks tie details.
  • Gives examples of differing bond patterns, mortar details and special shapes.
  • Followed by case studies of projects highlighting both traditional and specific brick work features.
7. System solutions

A high level view of the continually developing brick market.Introduction to precast concrete, the process and application.Introduction to lightweight construction supported at 400 centres

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Our CPD's are available to book both in your office at a time to suit your team, our as part of a showroom visit to our offices.