When is Bricks and Mortar not Bricks and Mortar

The ClickBrick® Range


These special extruded bricks are custom milled and grooved to size after being fired in the kiln, resulting in the exact shape and size. The ‘ClickBrick’ system requires no mortar and utilises the clay brick in a way not seen with other manufacturers. The resulting built finish of the external wall is very smooth and clean, requiring little or no maintenance. Click Brick comes in a range of colours and surface finishes, projects often utilise more than one colour or texture to create unique facades. For our full range please visit brick selector or for more information click here.


This is ‘The Edge’ York 


AAB’s first project in the UK was ‘The Edge’ York. The Edge was designed using Ebonywood and Oakwood clays. The Bricks have a bark like texture applied to the surface ahead of firing, creating a contrast between straight edges and textured surface.

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19 January 2017