Danish Grey Slop Mould – COMING SOON

Following the overwhelming reception to the Egernsund product range in the U.K. market, AAB are responding to our clients repeated enquiries for a readily available slop moulded grey multi. The Sisteron will soon be available in U.K. size format. The brick is produced at Egernsund’s Vesterled works and uses a grey liquid applied engobe to offer a beautiful soft grey multi.


A little about Egernsund Tegl


Since 1894, Egernsund Tegl has been manufacturing and selling bricks, roof tiles and other associated clay products from five brickyards spread throughout Denmark. Today, product development, quality, technical advice and a clear focus on customer service are the key areas for the business. Fundamentally however, the tile brick products still look the same, but with all the expected qualities associated with its aesthetics, technical and durability aspects.

Whilst AAB are a manufacturer in our own right we have partnered with Egernsund to offer the UK market a broader range of product not available from our own production, allow us and ET to offer a comprehensive range of unique clay bricks.

The Sisteron will be available ex stock from October onwards, for sample and prices please speak to your local ASM or Specification Manager.The Sisteron will join the other range of stocked Egernsund Bricks including the Chelmer U.K. and Imperial, Warboys BuffBurwell Cream and Colchester Blend.

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4 June 2018