Considerate Construction Case Study

Registration with the Scheme “made sense” for supplier All About Bricks Ltd


All About Bricks (AAB) has been operating in the UK for over 20 years, stocking and selling over 400 types of Dutch, Danish and German clay-facing bricks UK-wide. AAB was required to register with the Scheme as a supplier to an Ultra Site project – sites demonstrating industry-leading best practice, with everyone involved in the project upholding considerate standards. 


AAB first registered with the Scheme last March and has since enjoyed a very positive first year with the Scheme.


Commenting on the benefits of registration, AAB’s Managing Director Jonathan Plews said: “One of our long standing customers was Ultra Site registered and, as such, we were asked to register as a material supplier. 


“Following gaining ISO 9001/14001 accreditation, AAB were looking for their next evolution or challenge to improve our service, so registering with the Considerate Constructors Scheme made sense.


“The work the Scheme has done over the years has already raised the profile of the building industry. 


“The challenge is now to have all stakeholders subscribe to the same criteria as the site - this is where the extra improvements will be found. AAB are happy to be supporting this.”


AAB is the UK subsidiary of Rijswaard Baksteen – The Netherlands’ largest independent brick producer. 


As well as selling over 400 types of brick, including its own De Rijswaard Baksteen range, AAB offers high quality products from its manufacturing partners - Daas Baksteen, Egernsund Tegl and Celina Klinker.


AAB provides 100 per cent UK coverage through its large network of distribution centres, having built a team of highly experienced staff offering advice on everything from specification to delivery.


Describing the typical challenges AAB encounters in its day-to-day operations, Jonathan said: “The number one issue for us is ensuring deliveries do not affect the community in a negative fashion. 


“Often developments are in built-up areas, where people’s lives have to be affected as little as possible. Frequently this will require delivery windows, specialist vehicles and haulage operators trained to a specific level. 


“AAB manage this effectively by fully understanding the requirements of the site prior to commencing the job. The correct haulier is then chosen for the entire job.


“Traffic plans are requested and issued to the haulier and following delivery one, our performance is reviewed by our Logistics Manager.”


AAB’s parent company, De Rijswaard Baksteen, is an independent business with family values of providing a good service, quality and customer focus. All of its teams are dedicated to ensuring the customers’ needs are met.


Asked to outline the benefits of being registered with the Scheme, Jonathan said: “The Scheme provides a smaller company like AAB a unique way of having our processes audited by an independent organisation focussed on the needs of the construction industry.


“When combined with ISO we feel this helps AAB review our performance in an honest, open manner, constantly creating improvement.”


Encouraging other suppliers to register with the Scheme, Jonathan said: “If the supplier is willing to review and look at their business in an honest fashion, we would 100% recommend working with the Considerate Constructors Scheme.”


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17 January 2017